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Authors of Influence, Speakers with Passion

Have you ever met someone with unique knowledge and passion about their subject which really makes them stand out as a speaker? A parent who has found a unique solution to raise her three autistic children, the MD who can heal cancer, an ND who has healed MS and fibromyalgia, the small business coach who helps entrepreneurs grow their business? These speakers are passionate and inspire other people when they speak from the heart.

Influence publishing is a collaboration of leaders who inspire change in the world.  By publishing these important stories these Authors have a unique platform to focus their message in a way that captivates their audience. It takes a real expert with commitment and dedication to be the Author of their leadership expertise and “walk their talk” on the stage.

Our authors inspire change in the world with their “out of the box” ideas and concepts.  Our “Authors of Influence” deliver inspiring, motivating and thought changing information which leaves the audience feeling like they can “take action” and make change themselves.

Whether you are a corporation looking for an inspiring speaker, a network group looking for someone who specializes in your area or a non-profit or charity looking for a heart based speaker, check out our speaker profiles in these fields:

Entrepreneurship and Business
Integrated Health
Family and Relationships
Empowerment and self-development

Our fees reflect the level of experience of our speakers and many of our speakers are willing to talk to non-profits and groups in exchange for the opportunity to spread their knowledge and talk about their published book.  Please contact us and we would be delighted to talk to you about how we can help your group.

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