Sandra Savage

Life with Suicide
The Together Forever Series

~First in Series~
Callen’s Calling
The beginning

Suicide has no closure

Callen, is a freelance writer, and has an advice column in her local newspaper.  She is also an artist with her own art gallery, “By The Edge.”

Andrew, is a highly sought after fashion stylist and is in charge of the fashion department of ” SLS Portfolio Pro” Magazine.  When Callen and Andrew meet, it’s an instant connection and love at first sight.  They start a new life together and move into their own custom made home a year into their relationship.  After suffering the loss of an unborn baby, life changes for them.  With a sorrowful heart, and a life time of deep rejection from his mother and family, not even Callen could save him.  Unfortunately, Andrew succumbs to suicide.  Callen now has to move on without the love of her life and is hit with tragic circumstances and must face her destiny, and what’s to come for her and her future.


Born in Pointe-Claire, Quebec, Sandra has enjoyed working as a fashion and hair stylist and has studied interior decorating before becoming a professional writer. When her husband committed suicide in 1997, it completely changed her life.  She started writing her journey through surviving suicide herself and how she survived her husband’s suicide.  She began writing as a creative outlet to mourn her husband’s death, with poetry and novels.  Now, Sandra has been recognized for her talent as a freelance writer and will have three novels in this first series “Together Forever”.

Sandra resides in, Burnaby, Britsh Columbia, with her family, her future husband, and her two teenage children. Her imagination goes far.  She plans to continue to write and publish books for the future.