Leslie Fierling

Set Your Boundaries For Success!

Stop catering to everyone at the expense of yourself.

  • As an entrepreneur does your team respect your boundaries?
  • Do you respect theirs?
  • Does your boss cross the line?
  • Is your health compromised because you say yes, when your body is saying no?
  • Is your relationship dysfunctional because you are a people pleaser?

Learn where and when to draw the line to prevent undesirable or even devastating consequences in your personal and business life.

Author Biography

Leslie experienced years of eroded boundaries in business, a dysfunctional marriage and a journey with breast cancer. Now that Leslie has established her own strong boundaries with respect and integrity, she shares these lessons through speaking and workshops. In addition to her illustrious speaking career, Leslie holds a Bachelor of Science degree and has certificates in Education, Peer Counseling and Sports Nutrition. Leslie has had 24 years’ experience public speaking and facilitating workshops in her areas of expertise.

She is a leader and team builder in her own business and in the Toastmasters organization where she holds the highest designation: Distinguished Toastmaster.

As an outdoor enthusiast Leslie loves living in North Vancouver with her son.

By clarifying and modelling what is acceptable, tolerable, and intolerable; Leslie has guided me to be clear in what I want and who I am……..  It is easy for me to convey my boundaries.
Dr. Douglas E. Ros
After 25 years of over-extending myself in business and family life, I ended up drained both emotionally and physically. Leslie has been instrumental in challenging my self-defeating behaviours and taking me through the process of setting and holding my boundaries.
John Brkopac