Julie Salisbury


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The Simplest Book-building System in the World

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Julie Salisbury is the Founder of Influence Publishing, an independant publishing company based in the Cowichan Valley, BC, Canada. Her approach to publishing is quite different, Salisbury comes from a place of being a first time author 7 years ago, and felt frustrated that the options for publishing are very restricted. This new model for publishing comes from a marketing prospective and is reader driven.

If writers are committed and willing to educate themselves on the new trends in publishing, there is a good chance Salisbury can help writers get published through Influence Publishing.

To facilitate this education, she is the Founder and Facilitator of the Spiritual authors circle and the Inspired Authors Circle and the Founder of InspireABook, a publishing workshop program which assists writers to transform their message into the platform of a book, with a simple step by step system that helps writers to identify the purpose and benefit of their book.

Listen to an interview about Influence Publishing and InspireABook.