Jennifer Lyons

The Sketchpad that Changed the World
Making world peace your personal mission through the use of imagination in the change process.

If you have ever wanted to change the world be inspired to make your own difference. This story presents how a sketchpad changed the life of a people pleaser trapped in a box. It is an inspirational message that shares the tools Jennifer used to release her past and embrace her gifts while following the joy of her hearts desires.


Jennifer has extensive experience and education in wellness, coaching, counselling, group facilitation and leadership. Her passion is inspiring change on the planet through earth based living, and imagination. She guides people to live their purpose outside the box. She enjoys the power of group work and gathering .

Jennifer has a community of professionals she connects with to build whole and heart centered programs to suit your needs. She believes that together we can make a difference and leads her own life by being the change she desires for humanity.

Jennifer is an entrepreneur with a heart. She is an active member of groups and has been involved in various community projects since the age of five. Recently Jennifer traveled with Canadian Humanitarian to Ethiopia to work with the medical team and lead Youth Projects.
In Jennifer’s spare time you will find her creating a masterpiece of recycled art, on an outdoor adventure, or getting in touch with her inner nerd through a book or research.

Author Photo: Bopomo Pictures