Influence Publishing

Julie Salisbury is the Creator of the Inspired authors circle which came about as an ongoing need for authors to continue to meet and inspire on another after attending the InspireABook Intensive weekend workshops.  She is the Founder of InspireABook, a publishing mastermind workshop program which assists writers to transform their inspiring message into the platform of a book, with a simple step by step system that helps writers to identify the purpose and benefit of their book.

Her intention is to assist every author that goes through her program to be a best-selling author, and she does this by identifying the best publisher for each book in her capacity of book agent.  One of the many publishers she is an agent for is Hay House.  She is also the Founder of Influence Publishing which started as an imprint of a UK publisher and celebrated being Independent in 2011.  Influence publishes books that “Inspire Higher Knowledge” in all genres of non-fiction. In 2011, Ten titles were published from the Inspired Authors Circle and Eight titles became Best Sellers on Amazon on the day of launch.