Dr. Manon Bolliger

What Patients Don’t Say If Doctors Don’t Ask
The Mindful Doctor-Patient Relationship

If you are feeling overwhelmed by the rapidly changing world of medical choices, this book examines the role scientific research and Big Pharma has played in remodeling medicine as we know it. It changes forever the doctor-patient relationship and empowers the patient to take back control of their own health.

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June 21st, 2012


Dr. Manon Bolliger is the founder of Bowen College, creator of Synergy Dialogues™ and director of Cornerstone Centre for Advanced Medicine, that promotes patient consciousness in the healing process.

During the past 20 years, Dr. Bolliger has treated thousands of patients, serving as department head at the Boucher College of Naturopathic Medicine since 2003 and teaching more than 800 professional health care practitioners, including, NDs, MDs, psychologists, Nurses, Homeopathes, RMTs, Chiropractors, Doctors of Osteopathy and many practitioners in the healing arts.

Dr. Bolliger is well positioned to portray both sides of this patient-doctor journey, having personal experiences with scoliosis, Cancer and autoimmune diseases.

Throughout her personal and academic journey, Manon is lead by her desire to understand what makes people change, grow, heal and celebrate life. Dr. Bolliger currently lives in Vancouver, BC. having established a successful following from her earlier practice in rural Nova Scotia and Ontario.