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Dr. Love’s prescription for a Romantic Loving Man:
It’s not the little blue pill

Inventor of the Syncrohearts Relationship Game

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Dr. Love is announced the winner of the
Best Brilliant Idea for Humanity Competition

Dr. Love and his relationship boardgame “Synchrohearts”, was just annouced as the winner of the Best Brilliant Idea for Humanity Contest (BBIFH)  www.bestideaforhumanity.com/about.cfm

This global contest was launched in 2010 to find entrepreneurs who were making a difference in the world with their business. This week a panel of judges (including Jack Canfield, Robert Evans, Brendon Buchard, Janet and Chris Attwood) selected local entrepreneur Dr. Love as the winner of the BBIFH contest, who is awarded a Launch Marketing package worth $50,000.

Dr. Love (Bobby O’Neal from Mission, BC) is no stranger to competitions and media appearances. He has appeared twice on the CBC Dragons’ Den and well as many radio shows across North America.  He originally produced this lovegame to help enhance his own marriage, and has now sold thousands with orders from as far away as Iran and Australia.

How one man’s love journey is inspiring a global brotherhood of Loving Men.

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This entertaining and inspirational story exposes the naked truth of how a forestry guy steps out of the woods to become Dr Love. Once he stripped away his protective covering, his heart opened up, his love started to flow, a successful relationship game was born, and women fans cheered him on to share his love prescription for becoming a sexy, romantic loving man.

  • If you are a romantic guy, the lover in you could have written this book. Your intuition has confirmed that Dr Love’s prescription for becoming a sexy, romantic loving man is good medicine for you.
  • If you are a regular guy, the lover in you is seducing you to read this book. You are only nine chapters away from becoming a more compassionate, caring, sexy, romantic loving man.
  • If you are a woman, this book is going to help you to discover and uncover the man of your dreams. He is probably already in there, you just have to help stroke the romance out of your man.
  • Congratulations to the young adults for reading this book. This book is a message of love and hope for you. It is time for all men to open our hearts to love, to respect and honor women, to support our brothers and to raise boys to men with love. Generations change and evolve and you will now have the tools and knowledge to break old patterns and help transform this world to a more loving home for future generations.

Dr. Bobby Love Needs Women. Can you help?


Dr. Love is a natural expert on love and relationships and the inventor of the successful love relationship game called Syncrohearts. He was inspired to create this game to help enhance his own marriage and now his “love game” is adding lots of love, laughter, great communication and more romance for couples around the world. During the development of Syncrohearts, a life changing transformation took place for the former forestry guy. As he came out of the forest, his heart opened, he became a romantic loving man and he was awarded with the honorary title of Dr. Love.

Dr Love’s prescription for love is inspiring a global brotherhood of sexy, romantic loving men. He is an international speaker and author on the topic of love and relationships. He has been featured in national print, radio and television media. He twice earned the opportunity to try and slay the “Dragons” with love on the CBC Dragons Den, a reality TV program in Canada. His love mission supports a very worthwhile charity, the Zajac Ranch for kids with special needs.

Inventor of the Syncrohearts Relationship Game
“The Game You Love to Play and Play to Love”