Billie C. Delawie, Ph.D.

Part Time Mother
Love and Conflict in a Divided Family

This is the story of a woman’s struggle to become a nontraditional mother in a traditionally dysfunctional family system.


Billie C. Delawie, Ph.D. was a pioneering mother who chose to grant her children’s father primary custody of their young children when the parents divorced in the late 60s. She established a separate home, returned to college, got a Ph.D. in self-discovery through communication in the family. This book is the result, written while living the experiences chronicled here. Determined to raise her children differently from how she’d been raised–even as a part time mother–and  with only a few close friends plus a wise therapist for support, she eventually triumphed in the conflict with the children’s father over freedom vs control. Her struggle to empower her children taught her to stand for herself and them; she was often astonished at their wisdom. Learning to express feelings slowly led to love and intimacy beyond her most cherished dreams. Feelings were sometimes raw and unvarnished, yet in the end each family member was stronger, including the father, his new wife and her children–an inspirational story for today’s women who face these or similar challenges.